Vegetarian recipes in tamil pdf

For the past few months I have been getting requests from my readers to share a collection of breakfast recipes and lunch box ideas for Indian kids. Some people specifically asked me to share recipes excluding the usual idli , dosa , poori , pongal. At that moment,I realized there are many people like me worrying and thinking about what to prepare for vegetarian recipes in tamil pdf breakfast,what to pack for their school lunch box,snack box,how to make them eat healthy foods etc etc.

When I told about my readers request to my friend Shalini, she helped me to frame this list of recipes for kids. We took nearly 2 hours over phone to prepare this exhaustive list.

I should thank my readers for insisting me to do this list. And Many Many thanks to you my dearie Shalini. But for your help,this post would not have come up. I have given the links for recipes that are already available in my blog.