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Some united airlines flight schedule pdf the Douglas DC-7 aircraft wreckage collected for the crash investigation. A United Airlines Douglas DC-7, similar to the one involved.

An F-100 fighter, similar to the one involved. United Airlines Flight 736 was a daily U. 21, 1958, following a mid-air collision.

The aircraft assigned to Flight 736, a Douglas DC-7 airliner carrying 47 persons, was flying at cruise altitude above Clark County, Nevada, en route to a stopover at Denver, Colorado, when it was struck by a United States Air Force fighter jet crewed by two pilots. The collision occurred at 8:30 a.

There were no survivors from either aircraft, and with 49 fatalities it remains the deadliest crash in the history of the Las Vegas Valley. Among the victims were a group of military personnel and civilian contractors involved with sensitive Department of Defense weapons systems. The loss of the group triggered new rules prohibiting similar groups engaged in critical projects from flying aboard the same aircraft. The official investigation stated that cockpit visibility limitations played a role in the accident, but also faulted military and civilian aviation authorities for not taking measures to reduce well known collision risks that had existed for over a year within the confines of airways, despite numerous complaints from airline crews.

The loss of United Airlines Flight 736—part of a series of 1950s mid-air collisions in American skies, including the well publicized 1956 Grand Canyon mid-air collision—helped usher in widespread improvements in air traffic control within the United States. Flight 736, a four-engined DC-7 propliner with registration N6328C, departed Los Angeles International Airport at 7:37 a. New York City with stops in Denver, Kansas City and Washington, D. Ward, 44, First Officer Arlin Edward Sommers, 36, Flight Engineer Charles E.