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The Royal Today is a British medical soap opera, a spin-off of the similarly themed drama, The Royal. The concept is that whilst The Royal is set in the late 1960s, The Royal Today featured the same hospital in the present day, with a new set of characters working in the same location. The first series of 50 half-hour episodes began on 7 January 2008 on the ITV network airing from 4 to fell a tree by jeff jepson pdf-4. Although there were a number of running storylines, the series generally eschewed the use of cliffhangers.

The series was axed in March 2008 after poor ratings, on an average of 1. Student nurses Carrie, Lesley and Gemma are rushing to get ready for their first day on the wards at The Royal. Their day seems set for disaster when Gemma is almost run over by Charge Nurse Adam Fearnley before she’s even set foot in the hospital.

E by concerned fiancé Stan. Ormerod and Chatwin are concerned when they discover she’s recently undergone breast enhancement surgery in Poland.

She wants to be “posh spice perky” in time for her wedding in two weeks time and arranged a cheap cosmetic surgery deal overseas. The doctors suspect she’s suffering from a serious staphylococcal infection as a result of the surgery and much to Ella’s dismay, Ormerod tells her she has to have the implants removed. Will Ella recover in time for her big day?

Over on Middleditch Ward, Adam and Nurse Heather Dunstan are struggling to tend to their patients and have to deal with unruly nineteen-year-old Keeley whose intoxicated boyfriend can’t keep his hands off her. Their day goes from bad to worse when they’re informed they’ve been landed with student nurses Carrie, Lesley and Gemma. Gemma and Carrie, who were looking forward to some hands on experience with the patients, are disappointed when they’re assigned to Nurse Pearl who has them preparing the lunch trolley and making beds.