The starch solution recipes pdf

On the MWL list I did not include recipes that had pasta, bread, tortillas, tofu, soy milk, nuts, peanut butter, tahini, sesame oil, flour, fruit the starch solution recipes pdf or more than a tiny amount of dried fruit. I did include recipes with corn starch and couscous because there are recipes with those ingredients in the MWL Program book.

So when I saw soy milk listed in a recipe I considered it not MWL. I did not include it on the MWL list.

I kept it on the MWL list. Many of the non-MWL recipes could easily be converted to MWL by changing just one ingredient. Like changing the soy milk to fat free soy milk, or the tofu to beans, the pasta to brown rice, or leaving out the optional nuts or olives.

The two lists have nearly 500 recipes and I would not be surprised if I made an error or two when compiling the list. So please use your own judgment when deciding if a recipe would help you meet your health goals. Thanks for signing up – your Free Intro and Chapter are on the way! Get juicy news and updates!