The rime of the ancient mariner full text pdf

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Read the following passage carefully. 1    It is customary for the British monarch to ride in a gilded horse-drawn ornamental carriage for the opening of the parliament. This year, the Queen rode a brand-new Australian built carriage, made to commemorate her diamond jubilee. British history in its various parts.

2    The State Coach is only the second new horse-drawn carriage to be built in more than a hundred years. The crafting of this coach took ten years to complete. The ship had sunk in 1545. Isaac Newton to discover the theory of gravity.

The gil’JCd portions of the carriage have been made from 400 books of gold leaf. 3    Apart form these fabulous components for building the carriage, the State Coach is alsc constructed with parts of ships and metal from some of the greatest battles that England has won. HMS Victory, Ad miral Lord Nelson’s flagship. In fact, it was this historic ship that in 1805, won the Battle of Trafalgar fc r Engiand.

From the famous Battle of Waterloo, in which England had defeated Napoleon’s forces, is a lead musket ball. This piece of metal, from the casting of the Victoria Cross, has also been built into the cdadv The Victoria Cross incidentally was given during the Second World War as the highest award of military honour, and not just to British soldiers but to many soldiers of the Commonwealth, including India.

4    To make it a modern vehicle, the coach is fitted with six hydraulic stabilizers, covero a in gold leaf, to ensure a smooth ride for the royal passengers. There are also electrically operated wind ows and heaters, as 21st century inclusions. On the basis of your reading of the above passage answer the following questions. When does the British monarch ride in a horse-drawn coach?

What was unique about this year’s ride? Give two details about the coach. What two historic sources have been tapped for its wood? How have its gilded portions been crafted?

How is the State Coach linked with Admiral Nelson? Where has the historic metallic component of the coach been sourced from? What are the modern components of the carriage?

Read the following passage carefully. The accelerating rate of climate change poses a severe risk to national security and acts as a catalyst for global political conflict This is the conclusion drawn up by US experts, according to a government report. At the US Centre for Naval Analyses, the Military Advisory Board found that climate change had induced drought in the Middle East, and Africa.