The kuzari in defense of the despised faith pdf

Spanish Jewish philosopher and poet Judah Halevi, completed around 1140. It is the kuzari in defense of the despised faith pdf as one the most important apologetic works of Jewish philosophy. The pagan is then mythologized as the king of the Khazars who has invited the rabbi to instruct him in the tenets of Judaism.

Originally written in Arabic, the book was translated by numerous scholars, including Judah ben Saul ibn Tibbon, into Hebrew and other languages. The question of whether Halevi’s work had any historical basis regarding the Khazars’ conversion to Judaism is controversial among scholars. You can help by adding to it.

Cover of the 1880 Hebrew language Warsaw edition of the Kuzari. Although the rabbi in the Kuzari is not named, the cover makes reference to Yitzhak ha-Sangari. God, he asserts and explains the miracles performed by Him in favor of the Israelites.

Jew replies that the existence of God, the creation of the world, etc. For the aim of ethical training, which is the object of religion, is not to create in man good intentions, but to cause him to perform good deeds. This aim can not be attained by philosophy, which is undecided as to the nature of good, but can be secured by religious training, which teaches what is good. Halevi writes that as the Jews are the only depositaries of a written history of the development of the human race from the beginning of the world, the superiority of their traditions can not be denied.

Halevi asserts that no comparison is possible between Jewish culture, which in his view is based upon religious truth, and Greek culture, which is based upon science only. He holds that the wisdom of Greek philosophers lacked that divine support with which the Israelite prophets were endowed.