Spanish guitar chords for beginners pdf

Spanish Study – now also with blank tablature below spanish guitar chords for beginners pdf staff for guitarists learning to read treble clef! This piece is based on a very famous classical guitar piece, “Asturias” by Isaac Albeniz. It sounds more difficult than it really is. This boy plays a shortened version of this piece, much more like what I have offered on this page, with a couple of added chords.

On this page are 5 versions of Spanish Study. The first arrangement is a study or homework version, so my beginners can figure out the tablature and get more familiar with regular notereading.

We compare each note to the tab for it in the Tablature-Staff Note-reading guide, take a pencil, and write it into the empty tablature. The repetition in this piece makes it IDEAL for your guitar students to quickly pick up those treble clef notes! Here is a complete version all on one page, with tiny notes and very little in the way of finger markings. For a correct classical hand position, be sure the thumb plucks off to the side of the hand, so it doesn’t meet the fingers.