Seinfeld and philosophy pdf

How is Jerry like Socrates? Is it rational for George to “do the seinfeld and philosophy pdf? Would Simone de Beauvoir say that Elaine is a feminist?

Wish we’d had this in college. Ray Perkins, author of Logic and Mr. Designed for philosophers as well as readers with no particular philosophical background, the essays in this lively book are grouped into four amusing acts.

Act One looks at the four Seinfeld characters through a philosophical lens and includes Jerry and Socrates: The Examined Life? Act Two examines historical philosophers from a Seinfeldian standpoint and offers Plato or Nietzsche? Time, Essence, and Eternal Recurrence in Seinfeld.

Act Three, Untimely Meditations by the Water Cooler, explores philosophical issues raised by the show, such as, Is it rational for George to do the opposite? And Act Four, Is There Anything Wrong with That? Seinfeld and Philosophy also provides a guide to Seinfeld episodes and a chronological list of the philosophers cited in this book.

William Irwin is an assistant professor of philosophy at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He is the author of Intentionalist Interpretation: A Philosophical Explanation and Defense.

Copy and paste the code into your website. Edited By William Irwin, Mark T. In his recent book, Seinfeld and Philosophy, Dr. William Irwin cleverly pieces together a collection of articles showing the similarities between the sitcom Seinfeld and philosophy.

It is written in such a way that both the advanced philosopher as well as the serious Seinfeld fanatic can gain some insight into the complexity that is Seinfeld. When thinking about the characters of this show, we typically think about their actions to describe them. Jerry is always thought of as the neat- freak comic that changes girlfriends like most people change socks.

George is the stocky bald man that always sees himself as a loser and gets stuck in bad situations continually. Elaine is a typical “mans’ woman” as Kramer would say.

She fits in with the boys much better than she ever would with other women, and trails in second to Jerry with the amount of short-term love interests she has acquired over the life of the show. And of course we have Kramer, who could forget him! Kramer will forever be known as Jerry’s next door neighbor that runs through his door the same way every time, that uses his apartment as if it were his own, but above all as the funny guy with a line for everything, who is always in the middle of a get rich quick scheme. The authors of these individual articles have paired up each character with a philosopher and showed how the philosopher’s thought fits in with the character’s life.