Secret life of salvador dali pdf

The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí is an autobiography by the internationally renowned secret life of salvador dali pdf Salvador Dalí published in 1942 by Dial Press. The book was written in French and translated into English by Haakon Chevalier.

It covers his family history, his early life, and his early work up through the 1930s, concluding just after Dalí’s return to Catholicism and just before the global outbreak of the Second World War. The book is over 400 pages long and contains numerous detailed illustrations. It has attracted both editorial praise as well as criticism, notably from George Orwell. Sant Pere in Figueres, where Dalí was baptised and took his First Communion.

Dalí opens the book with the statement: “At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily since. According to Time, Dalí wrote with a highly detailed, methodical style that layered words the same way as paint.

At the age of five years, he encountered an almost dead bat covered with ants and then put it in his mouth, bit it, and then tore the bat almost in half. As a young child, he wore a king’s ermine cape, a gold scepter, and a crown and then posed for himself with a mirror. He tucked his genitals inside the outfit to look more feminine. He stood out dramatically from the poor children in his school by carrying a flexible bamboo cane adorned with a silver dog’s head figure and a sailor suit with gold insignia.

Due to a “refined Jesuitical spirit”, he remained a virgin until age 25. As an adolescent, he resisted the sexual advances by his girlfriend for five years until he left her, doing so mostly out of his enjoyment of being in control. He became interested in necrophilia, but was then later cured of it. While walking down the Boulevard Edgar-Quinet in Paris in 1934, he became so disgusted at the sight of a blind double-amputee that he kicked him.