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Fuel price risk management focuses primarily on when and how an organization can best hedge against exposure to fuel price volatility. Fuel price risk management is generally referred to as bunker hedging in marine and shipping contexts and fuel hedging in aviation and trucking contexts. Fuel price risk management services are predominantly provided by specialist teams within fuel management companies, oil companies, risk management pdf notes institutions, utilities and trading companies.

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Flood risk management: information for flood risk management authorities, asset owners and local authorities – GOV. Guidance and information on flood risk management and surface water management. The Flood and Water Management Act provides for better, more comprehensive management of flood risk for people, homes and businesses, helps safeguard community groups from unaffordable rises in surface water drainage charges, and protects water supplies to the consumer.

Serious flooding can happen at any time. Climate projections suggest that extreme weather will happen more frequently in the future. This act aims to reduce the flood risk associated with extreme weather.

The Flood and Water Management Act places a duty on all flood risk management authorities to co-operate with each other. The act also provides lead local flood authorities and the Environment Agency with a power to request information required in connection with their flood risk management functions. This guidance provides a simplified overarching framework which allows different organisations to work together and develop a shared understanding of the most suitable solutions to surface water flooding problems. Principally, the surface water management plan guidance has been written for local authorities to assist them as they co-ordinate and lead local flood risk management activities.

Lead local flood authorities are required, under section 21 of the Flood and Water Management Act, to maintain a register of structures and features which are likely to have a significant effect on flood risk in their area. The act also requires the Secretary of State to issue guidance on how those authorities are to discharge their duty, including guidance about the meaning of sustainable development. Guidance for risk management authorities on sustainable development in relation to their flood and coastal erosion risk management functions.

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 amends the Reservoirs Act 1975. These plans are now virtually complete in England and published on the Environment Agency’s website.

Defra’s Policy statement on appraisal of flood and coastal erosion risk management contains policies and outlines guidance for operating authorities and others involved in managing flood and coastal erosion risk. More detailed technical guidance on how to do appraisals in accordance with the Defra policy statement has been produced by the Environment Agency. Green Book guidance Accounting for environment impacts. This will help LLFAs to develop their local flood risk management strategies in England.

Detailed climate change information is available for each River Basin District across England and Wales. Digital geospatial maps are available for each River Basin District.