Research directions for the internet of things pdf

The workshop investigated a number of areas appertaining to research directions for the internet of things pdf management in the Internet of Things from storage structures, through database management methods, to service-oriented architectures and new approaches to information search. Running orthogonal to these layers the matter of security was also considered.

Taking a philosophical viewpoint our whole current framework for understanding data management may be ill-equipped to meet the challenges of the Internet of Things. The workshop gave participants the chance to discuss these matters, exchange ideas and explore future collaborations.

The Internet of Things: The Death of Traditional Database? Benchmarking Database Systems for the Requirements of Sensor Readings. Towards Robust Data Storage in Wireless System Networks.

Differences and Commonalities of Service-oriented Device Architectures, Wireless Sensor Networks and Networks-On-Chip. In: International IEEE Workshop on Service Oriented Architectures. FAME-DBMS: Tailor-made Data Management Solutions for Embedded Systems.

An Architecture for Interoperability of Embedded Systems in the Virtual Reality. Measuring Non-functional Properties in Software Product Lines for Product Derivation.

Bridging the Gap between Variability in Client Application and Database Schema. The Internet contains Thousands of Poorly Explored FUTS Data Sources.

Zoetrope: Interacting with the Ephemeral Web. Ontology Learning for the Semantic Web.