Recover damaged pdf file

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Any file type can get corrupted. Here, we’re looking specifically at PDF recovery. It may be possible to fully repair the entire PDF, restoring it to its original state, or you might only be able to extract elements and rebuild the rest.

Anything you can get, right? Once you’ve checked out our tips, please pop into the comment section at the bottom to let us know if you’ve ever suffered PDF corruption and if you managed to resolve it. Instead, it might just be that the program you’re using to view the PDF is playing up.

You’ll either be told the program is up to date or that there are updates to install. If there are, go ahead and install them. It might be that the files Adobe Reader relies on to run have become corrupted and this method will try to patch them up. Search uninstall a program on your system search, select the relevant option and then uninstall Adobe Reader.

Then head to the Adobe Reader website to download and install the latest version. At this point your copy of Adobe Reader should be good to go. In this case, it’s worth trying out another tool.

Are you still using Adobe Reader for PDF documents? It’s time to move on to an alternative PDF reader that is lightweight, launches quickly, and yet keeps your documents save.

PDF rather than anything extraneous. Two of the best choices, and both free, are Foxit Reader and Sumatra PDF. Download these and give them a shot with your PDF. You might also find that Okular and Evince are able to read your PDF file when other software cannot.

This is because they use a different rendering method to display PDFs. Thanks to user Mechanical snail at Super User for sharing that tip. If you’re still having problems then it’s time to start focussing on repairing the PDF file itself or at least scraping it for what you can pull out. Your important document is corrupted and you don’t have a backup?

You can try to repair the file or find a backup you didn’t know you had. PDFs, namely looking for previous versions of the file and using third-party applications. By now, we’re sure you’ve read the advice over and over: Everyone needs to back up their files.