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Low power and high performance MCUs, with wired and wireless connectivity options. Let’s start with your power line communications pdf. What are you looking for?

Optimized for processing, sensing, and actuation to improve closed loop performance. Portfolio of wired and wireless MCUs with a common software, tools and development environment. Innovation is at the core of TI MCUs.

ARM-based MCUs, TI’s microcontroller platform offers innovated devices with integrated on-chip architectures, unique intellectual property, system expertise in key markets, and a comprehensive ecosystem of software, tools and support. TI is continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries to ensure we’re using the best process technology for our microcontroller designs. This process node stretches the performance vector and enables more MHz or a higher clock-rate, allowing high-performance applications that still consume relatively low power. TI is always looking on the horizon for the next biggest differentiator in process technology — we never stop innovating in this space.

TI MCUs include unique system architecture, offering differentiated platforms to choose from based on your needs. Our broad portfolio of microcontrollers allows our customers to innovate and create designs across a wide range of applications. Low-power MCUs, utilize a SW managed flexible clock system together with a von-Neumann architecture to deliver both ease of use and low power consumption.

FRAM for real-time data capture, these devices are built from the ground up to preserve battery life. This trend is continued with integrated analog and digital peripherals such as high performance ADCs and a real-time clock that can operate without the CPU for simpler data capture and manipulation. Software architecture can be simplified as well with integrated peripherals from hardware multipliers to AES hardware accelerators.

Performance MCUs consist of microcontrollers designed for closed-loop control applications requiring real-time performance, connectivity, and safety functionality. Real-time Control microcontrollers provide real-time closed-loop control through powerful DSP processing, high-resolution actuation, and precise sensing. Automation MCUs provide targeted solutions for closed-loop control applications that require connectivity and system automation. Safety MCUs provide closed-loop control for safety critical applications with specific design for functional safety standards such as IEC61508 and ISO 26262.

With unique IP targeted for specific markets and customer needs, customers are able to further optimize the performance of their system design. TI strategically integrates smart analog and digital peripherals to ensure customers leverage the optimal MCU for their specific applications.

Integration of these peripherals also decreases the number of discrete parts, which helps to reduce BOM costs for our customers. Crypto security embedded encryption on the MCUs provide a safeguard for applications involving critical, proprietary data. Our continual support for and experience with our customers’ markets and applications enables us to design next generation of MCUs to address future design needs.

Find reference designs leveraging the best in TI technology for microcontrollers. TI microcontrollers help shape systems all over the world to enable design advancements that are fast, green, smart and fun.