Polymers chemistry class 12 pdf

NCERT Exemplar Problems Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry in PDF format are available to download. Polymers chemistry class 12 pdf Exemplar books are very important and contains logical and interactive questions forĀ  competitive examination. One must do these questions for the complete knowledge of the chapters.

If you are having any suggestion for the improvement, your are welcome. The improvement of the website and its contents are based on your suggestion and feedback. The constituent particles are systematically arranged. On its basis the structure of crystal forms.

The smallest particle of a crystal is called unit cell and in the crystal, these unit cells are arranged in three dimensional directions. Such arrangement is called lattice structure.

If the number of -OH group is more in a solute, then it is more soluble in water. Most of polar solutes dissolve in polar solvents. The reaction taking place in electrochemical cell is a redox reaction.