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The company was founded in Worcester, Massachusetts. In 2011, it mark hayes sheet music pdf to Oregon, and in 2015 moved to San Ramon, California. Mark Schwartz is the company’s president and chief executive officer. In November 2006, Argonaut Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

15 million in financing in April 2007. RXi was founded in part by Nobel Prize winner Craig Mello.

In March 2011, the company announced the planned acquisition of Arizona-based Apthera, Inc. In September 2011, the company separated its cancer therapies division.

It was renamed Galena Biopharma Inc and moved to Lake Oswego, Oregon. RXi became a subsidiary of Galena and retained RNAi technologies. RXi Pharmaceuticals remained in Massachusetts as a publicly traded company. In January 2014, Galena bought Mills Pharmaceuticals.