Map reading in geography pdf

This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. To read a map you need to understand compass directions, grid references and map reading in geography pdf map’s key and scale. You need to be able to find features when given a map reference.

You also need to be able to describe a feature’s location on a map by giving a map reference. Maps contain information tailored to a specific purpose.

A road map, for example, contains information that helps the reader get from one place to another using a vehicle. The maps found in a geographical atlas will contain information of less interest to a road user, such as how the land in a place is used, the population density and the political boundaries that exist between regions, states and nations. There are many ways to remember where each direction goes.

You probably learnt a rhyme or a phrase to help you remember – if not, here’s one now. These squares can be used to give a place a four or six-figure grid reference. It is important that you know both four-figure and six-figure grid references.

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