Line follower robot using arduino pdf

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In this tutorial, the goal and approach is the same as before. We are building and programming a robot that can follow a lined course with the use of an Arduino based micro controller system programmed to run a basic Proportional speed control.

Proportional is a simpler and shortened version of a PID control. Before you can run the Basic Line Follower, you will need a lined course.

Use white poster board, foam board, white board, expanded PVC, or even a white floor or table and create a line course with black electrical tape. You may have sharp corners, but it will run smoother if the turns are gradual. Keep a minimum of 6″ between any meandering lines.

After assembling the chassis per the chassis instructions, secure the battery, Arduino and Ardumoto shield to the chassis. For the Magician we used zip ties, the Gobbit has screws and Velcro included. Next secure the QTR sensor so that it is just slightly above the driving surface. For the Magician we used thin wire so that it was easy to adjust the sensors position but strong enough to hold it, as it might take some adjusting.