Jadam natural farming pdf

This is the first of ten videos that cover Master Han-Kyu Cho, founder of Korean Natural Farming, presenting his jadam natural farming pdf seminar. The rest of the videos are available from CGNF-Hawaii in the members section. This video playlist is the Level 2 Training Course for CGNF-Hawai’i as presented by expert instructor Eric Drake Weinert.

Watching these videos will get you prepared to take the course in person to get certification. This alone does not qualify you to become a Certified CGNF practitioner. It is a preparatory opportunity. Monthly Natural Farming Hawaii meeting in Hilo at the Sweet Cane Cafe.

This month I talked a lot. Master Cho’s official organization incorporated in Hawaii. Beyond GMO a project to transform the Hawaiian Papaya industry. Differences between Master Cho and his son Young-san Cho’s solutions.

Master Cho visited Papa’ikou Hawai’i in February 2017 to deliver a two day seminar to 120 enthusiastic new and veteran natural farmers. Now that you’ve made all the solutions, how do you combine and use them? This video talks about the subtle ways to assist plant growth and maximize the ability to grow in harmony with nature! Download the Plant Nutritive Cycles Presentation used in this video.