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The Great White Shark or simply Great White, formerly Warren White, is a fictional comic book supervillain owned by DC Comics who exists in that company’s DC Universe. Dan Slott and Ryan Sook. First appearing in Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, crooked financier Warren White, known as the “Great White Shark” for his ruthlessness, embezzles millions from his company’s pension fund and robs virtually all of the company’s clients both working class and upper class of their life savings. A smug White manages to avoid prison by transferring his case to Gotham City and successfully pleading insanity to avoid prison and speed up his chances of freedom, a strategy he is insanity the asylum calendar pdf too familiar with and convinced it will work.

But the plea incenses the judge hearing his case, who is disgusted with White. Realizing that White might have actually set up a trap for himself by pleading insanity, the judge sentences White to Arkham Asylum indefinitely.

There, he suffers great indignities as the new inmate, or “fish. His first cellmate is Death Rattle, a cult leader and mass murderer who plans to turn him into a human sacrifice. Early in his stay, Killer Croc slices a set of “gills” into White’s neck with his claws, claiming the “fish” needs a set. Realizing his mistake in pleading insanity, White bribes his psychiatrist, Dr.

Anne Carver, into having him transferred to a minimum security prison. However, Carver is revealed to have been killed and replaced by Jane Doe some months before. Jeremiah Arkham — who lost his pension due to White’s business practices — orders all of White’s transfer papers destroyed.

Arkham calls White “the worst person I’ve ever met”, a sentiment shared by several individuals- including the Joker, who states that although he’s killed people, ” didn’t steal their kid’s college funds. To survive the harassment and violence in Arkham, White allies himself with Two-Face, becoming his “coin boy. Two-Face’s coin flip leads him to abandon White. White then befriends Humpty Dumpty, a childlike murderer and savant, who arranges for White to become his cellmate just in time to head off Death Rattle’s murder attempt.