Iceberg slim trick baby pdf

Trick Baby is a 1972 Blaxploitation film starring Kiel Martin and Mel Stewart. This crime-drama is based and named after iceberg slim trick baby pdf novel by Iceberg Slim written in 1967.

The film was directed by Larry Yust and produced by Marshal Backlar and James Levitt. This film is distributed by Universal Studios.

Blue is an older black hustler who raised White Folks and taught him “the con”. White Folks is the son of a black mother who is a NOT a prostitute and a white father, .

The duo exploit the dynamics between whites and blacks to achieve their cons. Blue” usually plays a vulnerable black man being exploited by “White Folks” which allows Folks to gain the credibility needed to pull off the con. Folks and Blue are absolutely normal, not very competitive, resilient, and rich in a kind of mutual professional appreciation.

While Folks’ skin color has various implications in society and is crucial to the con that the pair runs, it does not impact the relationship between Blue and Folks. Due to Folks’ ability to pass, the pair pull off the biggest score of their lives. Before they can collect the money, a previous con complicates things.