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Headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, IC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Navistar International. The IC company name stands for Integrated Coach, alluding to how the vehicles are nearly completely assembled under a single corporate structure. For all IC vehicles, Navistar produces the bus body, chassis, and engine. Ward manufacturing facility in Conway, Arkansas has remained in use for fabrication and the production of parts.

CS predecessor, the new bus featured a redesigned drivers compartment and larger windshield. To distinguish the IC from other Type C buses sharing the International 3800 chassis, the IC was given its own grille and hood badging.

For 2003, International re-branded its bus subsidiary to IC Corporation. After a minor update, the International IC was rebranded the IC CE-Series, in line with the FE and RE-Series buses. In the mid-2000s, IC saw a number of changes.