How to make a document smaller in pdf

HTML to PDF Converter – Excel Library – How to make a document smaller in pdf. HTML to PDF for . HTML to PDF for . For technical and sales questions please check this web page before contacting us.

The answer to your question might be here already. Q: What is the difference between a Deployment and a Redistributable license? Q: What type of payment methods do you support?

River, a global leader in e-commerce solutions. They support a complete spectrum of payment methods.

What do you deliver after purchase? We don’t do any physical delivery like DVDs or printed material.

Q: Do you work with resellers? A: Yes, we work with resellers. Q: Do you have any discounts for non-profit organizations?

A: We don’t have special prices for a non-profit organizations. Q: Are the licenses for your products perpetual? A: Yes, all our license types are perpetual.

A: First you need to purchase a redistributable license. Q: What refund policy do you have? A: In general we don’t accept refund requests for Winnovative Software products.

Q: I set the purchased license in my code but I still get a red demo message on the generated PDF documents. See the section below regarding the ‘Navigation timeout’ exception for more details. URLs, the converter cannot determine the full URLs. Another special situation where this problem might occur is for ASP.

URL containing the authentication ticket. The HTML viewer resolution is 96 DPI. HTML viewer width and height are also specified in pixels.