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This is a list of the characters in the anime Monster Rancher. The main characters of the Monster Rancher anime are the seven searchers, consisting of two humans and five monsters, all of which share a strong bond of friendship. During the course of the first two seasons of the show, they continuously struggle against the evil forces of Moo and his army of baddies. They searched for the Phoenix, the only creature capable of purifying the bad monsters and reviving the lost discs scattered throughout the land.

While they were initially unaware of this, each of the five monsters in the group bore a piece of the Phoenix’s soul. The characters reappear in season three to combat the threat of the remaining baddies, and protect the mystery disc that Moo was sealed inside of after his defeat. Genki is a 12-year-old middle school boy, who is the main leader of the group. He has a good heart, and he truly cares for his friends and the monsters.

He is very good at the game Monster Battle. After getting the Monster Rancher video game in the mail, he was transported to the Monster World.

His goal is to turn all of the evil monsters into good monsters again. Determined, optimistic, and hopeful, Genki is a real go-getter. A 14-year-old girl who is on a quest to find the location of the ancient Monster called Phoenix. At the beginning of the series she is more sarcastic and witty like her game counterpart, but she becomes more withdrawn and calm as the series progresses.