Failure mode effect analysis pdf

FMEA is a bottom-up, inductive analytical method which may be performed at either the functional or piece-part level. FMECA extends FMEA by including a criticality analysis, which is used to chart the probability of failure modes against the severity of their consequences. The result highlights failure modes with relatively high probability and severity of consequences, allowing remedial effort to be directed where it will produce failure mode effect analysis pdf greatest value. FMEA predominate in other industries.

FMECA was originally developed in the 1940s by the U. By the early 1960s, contractors for the U.

FMECA under a variety of names. In 1966 NASA released its FMECA procedure for use on the Apollo program. FMECA was subsequently used on other NASA programs including Viking, Voyager, Magellan, and Galileo. 1974, development of FMECA is sometimes incorrectly attributed to NASA.