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Look up exclamation mark book pdf, exclamations, or exclamatory in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. An exclamation is an emphatic utterance, the articulate expression of an affect.

Exclamation mark, the punctuation mark “! Exclamation, a fragrance by Coty, Inc. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Exclamation.

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For their use in computer programming, see String literal. For the use of quotation marks in Simple Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Manual of Style. They are used in groups of 2, as a pair of opening and closing marks. The closing single quotation mark is identical or similar in form to the apostrophe, and similar to the prime symbol.

However, these three characters have quite different purposes. Quotation marks show that part of the text is either a person speaking or a quotation. Double quotation marks are used as a rule in the United States, while both single and double quotation marks are used in the United Kingdom and other commonwealth countries. A publisher’s or author’s style can be considered as more important than national preferences.

Good morning, Frank,’ said HAL. Good morning, Frank,” said HAL.

HAL said, “Good morning, Dave,”’. Sometimes, quotations are nested in more than two levels.