Compound angle formula pdf

Space-filling model compound angle formula pdf potassium graphite KC8. Typically m is much less than 1. These materials are deeply colored solids that exhibit a range of electrical and redox properties of potential applications.

X interact by charge transfer. An analogous process is the basis of commercial lithium-ion batteries.

In a graphite intercalation compound not every layer is necessarily occupied by guests. In so-called stage 1 compounds, graphite layers and intercalated layers alternate and in stage 2 compounds, two graphite layers with no guest material in between alternate with an intercalated layer.

The actual composition may vary and therefore these compounds are an example of non-stoichiometric compounds. It is customary to specify the composition together with the stage. The layers are pushed apart upon incorporation of the guest ions. Potassium graphite under argon in a Schlenk flask.