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It has been administered to about 500,000 patients to this date. Richard Doty invented UPSIT which has been used as a self-examination test in the diagnosis of many diseases including Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s. The test has been altered in several ways to be useful in different languages and cultures. There are characteristics of a good test reliability validity practicality pdf several trends that are found when UPSIT is administered based on demographics such as age, gender, history of smoking and other characteristics.

This test is a measurement of the individual’s ability to detect odors at a suprathreshold level. The test is usually administered in a waiting room and takes only a few minutes. The test consists of 4 different 10 page booklets, with a total of 40 questions.

On each page, there is a different “scratch and sniff” strip which are embedded with a microencapsulated odorant. There is also a four choice multiple choice question on each page. The scents are released using a pencil.

After each scent is released, the patient smells the level and detects the odor from the four choices. There is an answer column on the back of the test booklet, and the test is scored out of 40 items.