Casanova histoire de ma vie pdf

Please forward this error screen to 173. Casanova histoire de ma vie pdf page of Casanova’s manuscript. Giacomo Casanova, a famous 18th-century Italian adventurer.

From 1838 to 1960, all the editions of the memoirs were derived from the bowdlerized editions produced in German and French in the early nineteenth century. Arthur Machen used one of these inaccurate versions for his English translation published in 1894 which remained the standard English edition for many years. French, which was the dominant language in the upper class at the time.

The manuscript is believed to have been given to Casanova’s nephew, Carlo Angiolini, in 1798. The manuscript is believed to contain pages not previously read or published. Following this acquisition, a new edition of the Bibliothèque de la PlĂ©iade, based on the manuscript, was published from 2013 to 2015. Casanova’s life from his birth to 1774.

Casanova allegedly wrote the first chapters of the book in 1789, during a profound illness. In 1794, Casanova met Charles Joseph, Prince de Ligne. The two of them established a mutual friendship.

The Prince expressed a desire to read Casanova’s memoirs, and Casanova decided to polish the manuscript before sending it to the Prince. After reading at least the first three tomes of the manuscript, Charles Joseph suggested that the memoir be shown to an editor in Dresden to publish in exchange for an annuity. Casanova was convinced to publish the manuscript, but chose another route.

In 1797, he asked Marcolini Di Fano, minister at the Cabinet of the Saxon Court, to help him with the publication. In May 1798, Casanova was alone in Dux.

He foresaw his death and asked for members of his family currently residing in Dresden to come and support him in his last moments. Carlo Angiolini, the husband of Casanova’s niece, traveled without delay from Dresden to Dux.