Calculus tips and tricks pdf

Please forward this error screen to 67. At first glance it appears that calculus features in the new GCSE specification. Calculus tips and tricks pdf closer inspection it turns out that our students will find the gradient of a curve by drawing a suitable tangent rather than by differentiating. So calculus remains reserved for Key Stage 5, but our students will now be better prepared for calculus when they first meet it.

GCSE will have given them a conceptual understanding of rate of change and an ability to interpret this contextually. This post talks you through this new GCSE topic – it tells you what you need to teach and provides links to resources. This all becomes clearer when we look at example exam questions.

AQA helpfully provides additional clarification about the specification in their teacher guide. The diagrams below are taken from this extract from a new GCSE textbook which sets out the standard methods that our students will use. They’ll also need to determine whether the gradient is positive or negative. To estimate the area under a graph, students will have to split the area into sections.