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Global Academic Society Journal: Social Science Insight, Vol. In the context of increasingly changing business environment, organizations need reliable tool for assessing and forecasting business processes.

S allow visualisation, imitation of behaviour and forecasting of wide scope of business processes. Scholars describe many positive and negative aspects of applying modelling and simulation of business processes within the organisation. S in planning of business processes. S has helped to improve business processing of huge transnational corporations.

Increasing competition, growing customer requirements, shift of technologies and other rapid market changes push businesses into higher risk and may invoke serious consequences for them. Therefore organizations should look for ways how to diminish business risk. Despite bunch of evident advantages, some authors describe difficulties related to implementation of modelling and simulation in practice. These are related to heavy time and money consumption as well as with reliability of models.

S in planning of business processes. According to Gordijn et al. The researchers agree that a business model does not state how value-creating activities are carried out.