Arigo surgeon of the rusty knife pdf

What they uncovered was a story that defies belief and yet it is a true story. This is the documented account of a man who cured hundreds of thousands of sick and dying and yet was prosecuted by the government under which he lived and ostracized by the church in which he fervently believed. This is the strange and wonderful story of Arigo – one of the greatest healers of all time. Arigo had only a third grade education and no medical training whatsoever, yet thousands flocked to the small village where he lived from all over Brazil and South America, indeed from all over the world, to be arigo surgeon of the rusty knife pdf by him.

He performed hundreds of operations daily without antiseptics – usually with an ordinary kitchen knife or jackknife – without anesthetics, without tying off blood vessels, without major bleeding, without any of the benefits of modern science. He made thousands of correct diagnoses without even examining the patient.

He wrote thousands of prescriptions which were pharmacologically accurate but in unusual combinations and potency. And, one after the other, patients left his primitive ‘clinic’ cured. He saved many with cancer and other fatal diseases who had been given up as hopeless by leading doctors and hospitals in many of the most advanced countries. He performed the most excruciatingly painful procedures without any discomfort to the patient.

Among those he healed were the educated, famous, and wealthy as well as the poor and desolate. He never charged for his services or would accept any remuneration.

Arigo’s healings were witnessed by both Brazilian and American doctors. Among the latter was Henry K. American team, who has written an afterword for Arigo.

In this story, so strange, so incredible, there are un-disputed facts, facts that cannot be denied, cannot be altered even by the most obdurate skeptic. It is an established fact that Ze Arigo, the peasant Brazilian surgeon-healer, could cut through the flesh and viscera with an unclean kitchen-or pocket knife and there would be no pain, no hemostasis-the tying off of blood vessels and no need for stitches. It is a fact that he could stop the flow of blood with a sharp verbal command.

It is a fact that there would be no ensuing infection, even though no antiseptic was used. It is a fact that he could write swiftly some of the most sophisticated prescriptions in modern pharmacology,yet he never went beyond third grade and never studied the subject. It is a fact that he could almost instantly make clear, accurate, and confirmable diagnoses or blood pressure readings with scarcely¬† a glance at¬† the patient. It Is a fact that both Brazilian and American doctors have verified Arigo’s healings and have taken explicit color motion pictures of his work and operations.