Add password to pdf file with adobe reader

While you can protect individual PDF files with passwords, this can become needlessly complex if you’re sending lots of files. With Adobe Acrobat, add password to pdf file with adobe reader can create what is referred to as a Security Envelope. This is a PDF file that can contain a variety of different files as attachments.

All of these attachments will be protected by a single password. Open the Security Envelope tool in Acrobat Pro. The process for this varies a little depending on what version you’re using. You cannot create security envelopes in the free Acrobat Reader.

X and older – Click the “Secure” button in the toolbar and select “Create Security Envelope. Add files to send in the envelope. Your currently-open PDF file will be added automatically, and you can add any other files you want. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and other types of files.

Click the “Add File to Send” button and browse for the files that you want to add. More files will increase the size of the security envelope file.

Acrobat comes with three different envelope templates that you can pick from, and you can download more online. If you’re using a Mac, you may not have any templates to pick from.

Open your Applications folder and right-click Adobe Acrobat. Copy the templates to an easier location, such as your Documents folder.

Back in the Create Security Envelope window, click “Browse” and choose your new template location. Choose how you want to send the envelope. You can choose to send it immediately, which will open your email client after the envelope has been created.