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For years people have feared the effects of beer on their waist line, and this fear even lead to the creation of one of beer’400 calorie fix pdf most sinister abominations: the American Light Lager. But the fight against the beer belly can be best fought with knowledge, and knowing how many calories are in the craft beer you drink is the first step in winning that battle!

The issue of the caloric content of beer is a tricky one, and I’m amazed at just how much resistance there is to even discussing the issue. Based on comments to the few articles that we’ve found that dare tackle the subject there seems to still be a prevailing idea that beer is for men and only women count calories.

I’m quite happy to toss back a couple IPAs. However, a mid-alcohol IPA, say the 6.

Sierra Nevada Celebration, has over 200 calories in a 12 ounce bottle. Suddenly those pints of Stone Ruination at happy-hour a few weeks ago don’t sound like such a great idea. There are two reasons for beer’s caloric content.

Alcohol is, of course, the major contributor to calories in beer, and every gram of alcohol present contributes about 7 calories. The other factor is the carbohydrates present in beer due to sugars left-over from the fermentation process. Without going into the details of fermentation science, when yeast eats the sugar that was extracted from the grains in the brewing process it doesn’t eat ALL the sugar. These residual sugars provide the beer’s body and sweetness that is so important to balance the bitter hops.