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DC connector to supply electrical power for portable accessories used in or near an automobile. While the cigarette lighter receptacle is a common feature of automobiles and trucks, as a DC power connector it has the disadvantages of bulkiness, relatively low current rating, and poor contact reliability. Examples of devices that can be operated from a cigarette lighter receptacle include lights, fans, beverage heating devices, and small motorized 12v buzzer datasheet pdf such as air compressors for inflating tires. Many portable electronic devices such as music players or mobile telephones use a cigarette lighter receptacle to recharge their internal batteries or to directly operate from the vehicle electrical system.

Adapters for electronic devices may change voltage to be compatible with the supplied device. Devices that require alternating-current mains electricity can be operated with a plug-in inverter. With the decline in the popularity of smoking, automobiles may provide several 12 V receptacles that are intended only to operate electrical accessories, and which cannot be used with a cigarette lighter. Car manufacturers may offer a cigarette lighter only as an optional extra-cost accessory.

Usually, only one 12 V receptacle near the driver will be able to accommodate an actual cigarette lighter, with other receptacles designated as “12 V auxiliary power outlets” which are not physically able to power a lighter. Zigarrenanzünder in the major German warehouse catalogues.

Probably in the 1920s they were renamed “cigarette lighters”, as cigarettes overtook cigars in sales. In 1921, the Morris U.

The igniter was heated in the socket and then manually removed for use after an appropriate time interval. Bridgeport patented its version of an automotive cigarette lighter, which used a cord and reel.